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Last night I watched in awe as the first of the trapped miners emerged from the underground world in which he and fellow miners had survived for 69 days. That moment was overwhelmingly emotional, filled with wonder, humanity, national pride, technology but mostly heroism.

For all the planning and care, there was never any assurance a rescue plan would work – just hope and faith. For all the excitement when the trapped miners were found to be alive, there was never any assurance that they could be brought to the surface safely – just determination and non-stop dedication.

It has been the blend of people and talents that has provided the path to lift these men out, but it has been the amazing talent and resilience of the miners themselves that has kept them alive and focused on rescue through the many long, hot days.

From the beginning, the miners bonded into a community. They structured their living habits and their supplies to support the entire unit. They acted as a team and ultimately their respect and caring for one another has certainly been a key element in their survival. From their first communication, they signaled their bond, signing their initial note to the surface simply “the 33”.

The work is not over and success rests on all the miners emerging from below. As we all hold our breath and await the safety of all “33,” we know that this is a moment in history filled with tremendous courage, community, hard work and faith.

Everyone involved is a true hero. How important, how welcome.