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"Drama for Schools" ...nope, not that bad kind of drama we read about and shudder.

This blog is about a program named “Drama for Schools” that was created and is championed by a powerful team from The University of Texas at Austin. The program provides a unique approach to teaching that encourages active participation and collaborative learning.

Last week, UT-Austin Professor Katie Dawson and Instructor Bridget Lee came to Victoria to provide training to a room full of self-selected teachers. The session was a fast flow of high-energy, interactive teaching strategies that would clearly light up any classroom and engage a full array of students (or visitors, like me!).

I loved watching the teachers. They were creative and resourceful. They were involved and open. They were passionate about their profession and eager to absorb any path that would help them reach and teach their students.

The group included teachers from elementary through high school. Interestingly, despite their varied student base, most of the issues raised were universal and the wisest answers were formulated collectively using differences as strength.

As I watched the assembled teachers, there was no doubt in my mind that every teacher present would leave that room with new, exciting and workable ideas to engage their students in learning. As I watched, I also had no doubt that our students benefit daily from the commitment and caring our teachers bring to the classroom.

That afternoon left me feeling proud of our teachers, proud of that impressive UT team and proud of VISD. Hooray for everyone who is engaged in helping our students grow.

It matters. Education is the key to our future!