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*Important disclaimer: That is not my title!

That is the title of an "Op-Ed" piece written by best-selling author John Grisham last Sunday (9/5/10) for the New York Times. Read it ( It is a wonderful and instructive piece of writing.

It tracks Mr. Grisham's personal path as he moved through a variety of jobs, eventually choosing to go to college and later law school. It talks about his discovering -- almost by chance-- his love for, and ability to, write.

It is a real story. It is a story about persistence. It is a story about self responsibility. It is a story about very hard work.

John Grisham didn't wake up being a best-selling author. He didn't even wake up wanting to write! He did, however, always understand that his life was his responsibility and he knew what pleased him and what did not.

Find your dream. Work hard at it. For every student, stay in school and get that education. For every parent, encourage your child. Education is the key to the future and the ability to turn dreams into reality.

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