Comfort Books, Comfort Food, Comfort Furniture

A couple months ago, NPR ran a story about “comfort books.” The commentator described these as books that just made you feel good. For this particular reporter, books in that category were books from her childhood that she particularly loved. I had never heard the phrase, but I got the idea and had no trouble filling my thoughts with all the books that would fit that description for me.

We all know about “comfort food” – those foods that simply are so tied to happy occasions or so dependably satisfying and delicious that they are the foods we turn to when we want to celebrate or relax. They are the reward for a job well done and the soothing break that softens a hard day.

Better than comfort food or comfort books, I have decided is "comfort furniture"! This is that piece of furniture in which we can stretch out or snuggle up. It is the piece of furniture you sink into in jeans or use as your "game base" during football season. "Comfort Furniture" can be anything you choose -- it just has to make YOU happy and (well, of course) BE COMFORTABLE!

If you don’t have “comfort furniture” – run to Lacks! We've got it and you deserve it. It's a great investment that will pay itself back daily.