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This was the question I asked my two year old. As I was sitting next to him while he ate his delicious supper, I wanted to see what he would say. His response, "I want a horse for Christmas." I thought that was a wonderful reply. He went on, "And a barrrn. I take it out and go wround and wround." I nodded my head as I was listening to this little guy become so serious.

It was earlier in the evening when I picked him up from The Children's House that he grabbed my hand and showed me a picture. It was obvious it was an Advocate cut-out. The picture was of The Children House's Thanksgiving celebration. He pointed out that those were his "fwriends." My wife and I are always asking this little man what his friends' names are. He typically makes up something or another. But when he showed me this picture, he knew each of their names and that these were his fwriends. The picture also had a pair of legs in it. He said, "That is me." I thought he was just joking around and I looked more closely, and sure enough, those were his shoes, pants, and bottom half of his shirt. I was so proud of the little squirt, he finally made the paper!

I don't know if Dominik the Donkey or Santa's reindeer will be able to pack a horse or fit it down our chimney. Wait a second, we don't have a chimney. What are those turning metal bladed things on the roof, yea those, maybe that is how Santa gets in. I know he will be able to hear mine rattle from miles away! I do know that he would have a hard time getting into our fireplace. We have one of those electric heaters fireplaces with the cabinet part made by an Amish company.

Anyways, these are just a few of the conversations we have with our youngest. What a treat children are!