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Raise a glass

When you are sitting around a table enjoying good company and conversation, and somebody wants to cheers, what do you do if your glass is empty? Do you offer the empty glass? Wait for your next round? Give a bonx instead? Nod? The funny thing is when I offer an empty glass, by habit I take a sip of oxygen from the glass as well. What do you do?

It was Greek to me

I went to Greek Brothers last night; those free mushrooms are insanely delicious. We had appetizers of the seared tuna and the oysters on the half shell covered in spinach and cheese, both were gone in a few minutes. The beer of choice? Spaten Optimator for me. Wine? Pinot Noir by La Crema for the ladies. Chats? All kinds of things from literature and music to personal background and achievements. I still find Victoria has about as genuine of folks as there can be. There is something about being just big enough to have variety and small enough to know so many people from so many different backgrounds and small enough to welcome people like the guy I met from Dallas last night. Who was live? Jerry James. Anybody who adds "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" to their gig gets a check in my book.

Random Victoria

In 1901, land near Inez was selling for $5.75 per acre on a 640 acre lot. Somethings haven’t changed. Similar to today, drainage is an issue when determining what piece of property to buy. Somethings have changed, some acres in the Inez area go for 10K an acre now.

Cross town rivals

I went to a basketball game last night at Cade Middle School. The Bulldogs pulled off a victory against Patti Welder. These were 7th graders and I think there were more turnovers on either team than total combined points for the game. As Coach Haynes always drilled into us at STJ, a turnover is worth four points. It brought back some nice memories of the OLV Eagles playing against those public school “A” teams and these little school boys beating the pants off them. My last year at OLV playing basketball turned out to quite the ride. We finished the season winning district against Columbus. Who were two of Columbus’ athletes? Aaron and Matt Schobel, brothers that would both go on to play in the NFL. I think their parents still have the restaurant in Columbus. They have a cousin that also made it to the NFL; I bet that was some intense family backyard games over different holidays when they were growing up.

Speaking of sports

How many wiffle balls did you go through playing in the backyard? I think my brother and I filled the Jackson County dump with all the cracked bats and balls we used. I still remember: Pecan tree was fist base, shed second, another tree third, and watch out for the clothes line that stretched through the field. Although baseball was our primary sport, I bet Coach Shimek and Coach Mares never knew those Tomanek boys learned to hit from their grandmother always taking the time to pitch those light weight and highly stinging pelota.

Speaking of Spanish

Add ranchero sauce. I can’t get over how delicious tacos taste when I add this sauce.

Christmas on December 9th

Did you know? Well that is what my youngest must have thought. He got into his calendar countdown for Christmas. This calendar gives a chocolate for each day you get closer to the big day. Well, he found his brother’s calendar and proceeded to munch on every piece. Although he can’t explain it, I bet the little rascal knew it was his brother’s too! He was quite shocked to learn that big brother gets to have his calendar now.

Underground bunker

I am not a “the end is near and I need a bunker, year worth of canned food and rice” type person. But didn’t you think that bunker behind one of the houses on Main Street near Airline was the coolest thing when you passed by it? I did and always wanted to see what was inside. The rumor was that there was a tunnel that led to the drainage pipe behind the old Scott field at the baseball park. I think it is something Dan Brown will need to investigate, he seems pretty consistent with finding these sorts of things are true.

Interesting discussion

Over a couple a drinks last night, a friend and I were discussing if a “modern classic” was an oxymoron. Any thoughts? I lean in the direction that a classic is timeless and contemporary society cannot determine it. It will be decided by the democracy of the future.

Friends and family

Enjoy them.