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Feeling much better today. Yesterday, I ran into a bug of some sort that made me sick for the day. Was it something I ate? Maybe. If it was, it sure tasted good!

Considering I got home and basically went straight to lay down in bed, ok, I made a pizza before for the kids' supper. You know, the Totinos only took 10 minutes. I know, "Some very nutritional cooking Jared." But considering I felt like an excavator hit me, I thought I did pretty well. And there was brownies too. No, I didn't bake them. My wife and daughter went to her first meeting for the group.

As I was down for the count in bed, I was able to start my next book, "Third Ways" which is a contemporary viewpoint of how Distributism principles were applied for the last 100 or so years and different things that eroded their continuance. In the midst of the financial crisis and my enjoyment of reading GK Chesterton, I have been interested in what he had to say regarding the economy and its relationship to man.

On the spiritual side of the day, today is St. John of Cross' Feast Day. He is a well known Spanish Discalced Carmelite and one of Spain's well known poets. Ever hear somebody say, "I am going through the dark night of the soul?" Or something similar? He is the one who wrote the book, "The Dark of the Soul." Although challenging to read, the book is also a challenge in the sense it speaks about a soul's climb to God. I remember reading parts of it while I was in the Santa Fe area visiting the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Take a look and see the beauty of this place. It is about two hours away from Santa Fe, but 45 minutes of that journey is on a dirt road in the desert.

Ora et labora.