Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » Should you re-gift a re-gift and is that a diarrhe-gift?


Serious. The art and practice of re-gifting started back when the first couple, Adam and Eve, were hitched. Adam was given ribs, and he re-gifted one (he had gotten so many for his creation day) to his wife. Obviously Eve was not too impressed with it because she plotted a way to pay him back and gave him the forbidden fruit.

Later, the practice turned to giving the ugly goat to a newlywed that the previous owner had received from another couple that received it from another. As time passed, the re-gift, used for all gifting holidays, has become a temptation and time for strategizing.

Will the person you re-gift something to know that you received it from someone else? Is it the same gift you received a year ago from the person you are re-gifting it to? If the gift came from a friend will he recognize it if you re-gift it to another friend in the same circle? When I receive an unwanted gift, is it something that could be given to a child's teacher? My advice on this issue, just because a teacher likes books doesn't mean they think a book with a note to you in it was really for them. Of course, you could take that gift and try to garage sale. But the same problems arise. Will the friend come to the garage sale? Will he see it for sale? Will he see it somewhere else and know it was what he gave you? You may start to go crazy.

Here are some helpful hints on re-gifting:

  1. Label who it was from so that you can remember not to give it them as a gift.

  2. Never re-gift something with your initials on it.

  3. Don't re-gift items to family that you received from family.

  4. Donate it to a charity outside of town, IF it is something that can be used or something that just isn't your taste. If it is something "way out there" more than likely nobody wants it. This is about as lame as "donating" trashed clothes to charity.

  5. Be prepared to give an explanation to "How did you like it?" Remember, lying seems to go against the reason for the season. I would suggest using it once or twice. "It is unique" is kind of a catch all without lying.

  6. Let the kids play with it. If they are anything like mine, spitting images of clumsiness like Chunk on "Goonies," then it won't last long.

  7. Take it to the office. Notice, I didn't say put it on your desk.

  8. Store it in the attic. Somethings are like wine, they get better with age...or blindness.

  9. Organize your Ebay auction when the friend is on vacation or sick.

Anyways, please add more ideas if you would like. Also, what are some gifts that you have re-gifted? Are there any that were really successful?