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The person that I stole the swift notes idea from has announced she is pregnant with her fifth child! She and her husband have 5 children, of course including the bundle of joy in her womb. Let’s see, that makes 5 kids six and under. Awesome and congrats! If you are interested, she has had medical problems with each kid. Her monthly bill for her injections? $1000. She is a convert from atheism, her blog is here. And she is regional if you consider Austin as part of the region. I do, it is our suburb!

Vickers success

The Christmas production by the Vickers students was very nice. Hats off to the person in charge, how she gets some many small kids to follow along is quite incredible. It was held at the auditorium at West High School. The facility looks very nice and so many attended there was still standing room only.

“Bio” means life

I recently watched a cartoon dialogue between a “bio-ethicist” and a doctor. The “bio-ethicist” continuously mentioned Peter Singer in his diatribe. Although not well known here, Singer is a professor at Princeton. He is considered a philosopher and does a lot of in the field of anti-bio-ethics, errr, I mean “bio-ethics.” I studied some of his stuff at university for my undergraduate. I am a class short of the only pro-life minor in the nation. Anyways, Singer tends to justify feticide (“child destruction”), infanticide (killing of an infant), toddlercide (killing of a child up to 2 or so for lack of a better word), and euthanasia. How he gets the title “bio-ethicist” is beyond me. There was once a heresy named “Albigensianism” its practical flaw was thinking that human life is not worth living and so they commended suicide, how long do you think that heresy lasted? Know any Albigenses?

Job opening

The City of Victoria has an opening for assistant city manager. Big boots to fill. I wish the city luck in finding someone and hope it is someone that loves Victoria.

Random Victoria Fact: “La Morenita”

Originally, Victoria was named “Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de Jesus Victoria,” and St. Mary’s Church was called “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe is pretty fascinating. I read recently that over the feast of OLG in Mexico, six million visitors came over a three day span.

Happy Month-aversary

My wife and I have been married 114 months this past 16th. If you don’t believe in miracles, you may want to consider it. How did somebody like me convince such an incredible lady to marry me? My surprise is still as deep as what I figure St. Peter experienced when Christ told him to cast his nets for a catch. Don’t worry guys, I am sure there are other fish in the sea!

Still convinced

That you can judge how much a child enjoys school by the amount of sand in his shoes. Sorry Children’s House, I think we owe you a cubic yard or two.

Twirling batons

So my daughter, 5 years old, goes to school one day with money to buy a gift. In I walk from work, greeted by an excited little girl that wants to give me her Christmas present...early. Surprise, it is a colorful twirling baton. She informs me we are to share it. I do know the guys I work with would be thrilled to see me show up with a fancy baton.

Miss Saipan

I friend recently travelled to a little island in the Pacific, Saipan. It is well known for the “Battle of Saipan” and must have great scuba scenes. It is also the largest island of the US CNMI. Have fun and enjoy the fun, culture, and weather!

Friends and Family

Enjoy them!