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...take some Children's Ibuprofen. And so we drained an entire bottle with two sick kids in the house over the weekend. It is amazing how different two children can be when sick.

Our oldest just sits there. He is usually full of energy, but when sick he doesn’t even want to watch a movie. He gets very considerate as well. He shares more and more often. Funny how being sick can make you appreciate the little things more.

Our youngest was climbing the walls. Mix this with “My tummy hurts” every time we took attention away from him and you get the test of patience. I commented to my wife that virtue is strengthened when tested. It is seldom that virtue comes naturally. It must be practiced, tested, adjusted, examined, and try again.

Children are gifts. They are not just the “supreme gift of marriage” as an intrinsically valuable person given to parents to educate and raise, they are also a gift because they continue to help parents grow in virtue and thereby become less selfish.