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If you have ever listened to country music, you have heard about those backwoods, out in the boonies, in the sticks, parties with pickup trucks and music playing loud. In my first year at Victoria College, I was reacquainted with a track competitor that swears he used to outrun me in junior high track meets. I remember very differently. I remember starting in the blocks and never seeing him again until I looked back to see who I beat. I remember...wait a second, how did he steal those ribbons from my desk in my room?

Well anyway, so we were in Victoria College, and taking a break by heading out to a "dirt road filled with pick up trucks." This was way out there, this was where the locals would call Hallettsville "The Big City." It was in the brush near Hallettsville, so far back in the boonies, I think there was a Texas militia group training close by.

At this party...I group, we ran into a DJ that worked at one of the stations in that area. I didn't know the Hallettsville area had a station. The station was blaring and the DJ said she could call in and request a song. My friend, whose name sounds like homey, but is not homey, jumped in excitement and asked for "Sweet Home Alabama." As we listened carefully for the announcement, the DJ on the radio says, "This song goes out to homey and his friend." The DJ heard the name wrong and actually called him "homey." That was his first chance at stardom, to hear his name called on the air would have been years of bragging rights!

That was the first encounter directly involving music with this friend. The second was really cool. We had travelled to Austin to see Dave Matthews playing. We were about as far off from Dave as we were in the boonies from Victoria. As the night drew closer, we decided to sneak up to the guarded area, the VIP section. We were invited in, well sort of, the post was empty so we continued walking forward. We suddenly realized we were standing in 2 inches of water, the lights go out, and Dave starts "Satelite." That was the coolest concert experience I have ever seen. Ok, Metallica's James Hetfield sang a solo of "Nothing Else Matters" and that was incredible too.

Also very good is that fact that this friend also moved back to Victoria, opened a small business, and has a family. Our kids will here these stories over the years when we reminiscence those memories over barbque and adult beverages!