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The weekend was wonderful. It was wonderful to see my aunt and grandmother for the Fourth of July weekend bar-b-que at my parents' house. From the decorated golf cart to the brisket, everything was wonderful. The kids played with their cousin and the beer was cold on such a warm day! That evening we went back to our house to watch the fireworks. With the new location, I was able to watch them from my neighbors driveway. Five kids and six adults awaited with eager anticipation the launch of celebration for freedom and independence.

Yesterday, I was in charge of keeping the kids busy while my wife and her friends gave my sons a Star Wars themed bedroom. The day was packed starting with a trip to HEB. It was hardly crowded, but that didn't change the amount of groceries we needed. We skipped the store for a week, so we needed everything from meats to fruits. I hadn't bought cherries in a long time, and it was a first for my youngest. I think he ate four of them right away.

After the store, I picked up our daughter from ballet camp at Kellar Dance Dynamics. Together the four of us went to McDonald's for Happy Meals and playground usage in the A/C. Of course, my daughter was still wearing her tutu as she ran around the area. Many times, I wish I was 3 feet tall so that I could play on these modern mountains of tunnels and plastic. Jungle gyms have changed a lot since my younger days. Of course, my 2 year old spilt his rootbeer.

After lunch, we made a trip home for swim gear. We went to a friend's house and enjoyed a little over an hour of a cool pool in the heat of the day. We played some fun games and just enjoyed being together.

After the pool, we trekked over to Sonic near Academy and ordered some snacks. I decided to picnic it by moving the kids onto towels in the back of the truck. It contained them while they ate their food and drank delicious milkshakes!

Lastly, we made it to my brother's house to visit. They enjoyed being around them and got into all kinds of mischief. We watched Star Wars, blew bubbles, and even changed a stinky diaper!

At six in the evening, we went back home to see the final product of extreme bedroom makeover fit for a Jedi's apprentice. I was fortunate to get a sitter for us to celebrate and take the paint crew out. Carinos was wonderful, although out of calamari which is my favorite! We had plenty of laughs and great conversation.

About ten I fell into bed, exhausted. The alarm rang way too early, but I look back and am very grateful for a wonderful July 4th weekend!