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As most of you are aware, I have three children. I am beginning to visit the places of my youth as I gather the clan for Victorian activities. Many places have changed since my youth and here are some of the findings I see.

High dives. As a family, we were never members of Tanglewood pool. We journeyed to Shenandoah and Primrose for underwater fun. When there was a birthday party at Tanglewood, it was a treat to leap off into the sky from the 10 foot high dive. It always sent that thrill through my body as I looked from the top into the blue waters. Of course, I remember the many times I yelled, "Daddy look" or "Mommmmmy, watch this." They mut have seen thousands of jumps into the water which all looked the same.

Playground. If you remember, there was the coolest playground in the park near the zoo. It had the long chains hanging from a tall pole and you could swing around it. There were other features, and I remember it was always a blast to visit that particular playground.

Riverside Little League parks. I hit my first homerun on Scott Field and an All-Star Grand Slam on the one behind it. There is also a tunnel behind Scott Field that I would climb through. I was never short on adventures.

Putt-Putt. Occasionally, we would visit the putt-putt place on Sam Houston. I remember the coolest hole was the last one when the ball would roll up to the second level.

Mr. Gatti's. Who could forget going to Mr. Gatti's in the 80s and 90s? Tons of fun which always bankrupted my piggy bank!

These were places that I had fun growing up. Some are no longer operating, some have changed names. Have I missed any more? Are there other places that were "before my time?"