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While growing up in the city of Victoria, there were things that came that created buzz in my network of friends. This will be my attempt to recall those things.

Mazzio's Pizza was one that comes to mind. I still think they had wonderful pizza.

Another eatery was Lost Cajun. That was hit in high school! We went there as a family for special occasions and some parties. It is hard to beat crawfish and all the cajun cuisines.

Ok, the last restaurant is Golden Corral. When it first opened, that place was quite the WOM.

The big water slide that is near Palace Bingo was an instant hit for friends of my youth. We would spend hours and hours out there, and it had only two slides and a million stairs to climb!

There used to be a coffee shop, I think it was called Java Bean, near Victoria College. It was a pretty cool place as well. It had poetry night and good coffee. It used to have pretty large crowds as well.

The construction of Loop 463 was also another creation that was the topic of discussion among friends. For kids that wanted to get to the Mall faster, to hang out, it was the route most often taken when completed.

Speaking of the Mall, when Tilt came in as Gold Mine left, it was another spot for teenagers to gather which created buzz.

I am sure I am missing many others. I know the more contemporary attractions like the big box stores, trendy places in the Mall, and new eateries all were topics of discussion. My focus was more on what was available when I was young. Do you have any memories of new and novel opening in Victoria that created city buzz?