Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » You know you are in Victoria when...


-you stop at a light and look to your right and see a corner store. Upon second look, you realize that you are looking through the under side of a jacked-up pick-up truck with a bumper sticker that reads "I %#@$ on Fords" which is next to some wild life sticker translating that a hunter is in the vehicle.

-you see people using Navarro as a drag to show their car when they first get a driver license.

-you turn on the city council TV station for giggles and entertainment.

-you see a man walking down the street and everybody knows him as "Pepper."

-you go to Church and afterward grab an IHOP, only to see half the city eating in the same place.

-you hear Joe Friar on the air offering free tickets to Schlitterbahn and you always wait through commercials to hear the "Stupid News."

-Kamin Furniture is having a special sale, every weekend.

-the same store location has been a hamburger joint, coffee drive thru, and a quick cash place.

-you constantly hear Port Lavaca is "booming."

-the Country Club is a pass thru to get from Main to Navarro.

-you wonder how many times a club can change its brand or name.

-Dora comes to town and the entire city is standing in line to see her.

-you consider opening a chupacabra guided hunting company.

-airplanes have ice on the wings and the only way to melt the ice is for the sun to come up.

-a new restaurant opens and it becomes the place to be for six months.

-a spa franchise has its headquarter's here and no one believes you.

-everyone knows what you mean when you say you are a "DeTar baby."

-it is so humid outside that you have to squeegee your windows to see out of them to drive.

Did I miss any? Have a great and relaxful weekend! The greatest thing about Victoria is that it is a family town, spend time with loved ones!