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Please don't tell anyone, because I enjoy my upclose seats when I get to go out and have a good time. When I hear the rumor that Victoria has nothing to do, I always nod my head in agreement as I think to myself "Good, they don't have a clue yet. I am safe for now, but only for now." Sometimes, I even talk about all the other things that you can do so that the conversation steers away from this little jewel. However, these pearls can only remain a secret for so long.

It was Friday night and we had a sitter lined up for the night. By the way, I am really grateful for her, she had to sit the kids til 2 a.m. My wife and I picked up a friend, a Princess Warrior. If you haven't heard of the Princess Warriors, you will have to wait for another blog date. Needless to say, they are a blast to be with. We travelled to El Campo Greek Brothers to meet with the groupies of a local Victoria band. I cannot say they are country or rock, however, I would classify them as folksy and culturally astute. I also have a hard time labelling them as singers, rather they are artists. They put on a performance for their crowd and gave us a free gift. No it was not band shirts, a CD, autographs, or tickets to the next gig; it the gift of doing what they enjoy so that others could participate in that joy. This could only yield two results; a great fun time with plenty of laughs and memories that "Ease Your Worry Mind." The second welcomed boon was "Dreaming of Texas" instead of worrying about my term paper! I had seen them one time before at Greek Brothers here in Victoria. Even then, I knew these creatives offer something to Victoria that needs to be kept secret so that I could get close enough without a guard telling me to go back to my seat! Thank you Coastal Bend for giving this wonderful little city, or big town, something to enjoy, relax with, and have an incredible time!

Another jewel of the Guadalupe, can be seen in the area on weekends as well. Please, I ask you, just continue to nod your head when somebody says Victoria has nothing to do because you may indirectly ruin my close seats and request for Weezer! Similar to Coastal Bend, this group does not have to perform. They offer their talents to give color to the Boot City. Instead of paint brushes and a canvass, they rock local places and bring back those youthful anticipation gitters when I wait for them to hit the stage. When the songs begin, my hearts lifts, and my head begins to nod to the beat. I now realize why we say music has a "beat," for when it begins it beats away the stresses and worries of life. Unlike their name, Pop Rocks Ugly beats the stress of life with sticks that have strings attached and others that slam into those buckets covered by some kind of skin and discs of metal. It is then, that we can remember what life is about.

Life is about having great times with your wife, family, and friends; it is about joy, even in times of pain. It's about sunnnnshine and rain., I have that song in my head. Good thing I just bought "Souls from Victoria" because this soul is going to need it to exorcise Rob Base & DJ Ez Rock from that broken record player in the mind that will reply those tunes until I go crazy!!!

Oh and by the way...please keep this a secret, just between me and you!