Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » "The oysters are out of season"


Yesterday I went to lunch with some friends to PJ's Seafood. I usually order the fried oysters, but I was informed that oysters are out of season. It is never a problem at PJ's becasue I can order from any number of the other items and always be very happy with the great food.

Sometime after lunch, I thought about PJ's Seafood and the length of time it has been in business offering some of the best gumbo in the area, large fried oysters, and the lightly battered shrimp. I remember getting the shrimp Po boy when my mother treated me there when I was growing up.

Year after year, there have been many local business owners that have continued to offer the Victoria area something you can only find here. In the case of PJ's Seafood, I cannot go anywhere else and see Mr. C helping in the background and being busy running his shop. I know I can visit another seafood place, but it won't be Mr. C there. Another example is Siesta. I have only had about 2000 carne guisada tacos in my life and many came from Mr. T's place when growing up. Those were Siesta carne guisada tacos, totally unique in taste to others.

A little newer a place when compared to the above is Mr. P's Double J's. It is a treat to order here and get the best chicken fried steak second only to my grandmother's! And to think I used to compete in Little League against one of the guys that run the restaurant.

Lately, I have trying Don Jose's carne guisada, and it is also a treat. It is also another example of the many local businesses that offer something unique to Victoria!

That is one of the greatest attributes of Victoria. You can be around town growing up, playing sports, learning instruments, going to school etc. and many that you know will stay here and open some kind of business that is supported by the local community. I lived in San Antonio for a couple of years and I didn't experience that personal and communal aspect of the city.

Thank you to all the family owned, small businesses, and local-preneurs that have continued to invest in our community!