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I spotted him at one of the busiest intersections in town. He was huge, at least 5.5 ft. tall! Victoria really has the best of many things. One of them is the sights of nature that are abundant around town.

Just this morning, on the way to work, I witnessed two deer near the side of the town! Seeing something so innocent reminds me that life is meant to be taken slowly, like a fine Scotch or nice tobacco and pipe.

On another day, I saw this cowboy riding his horse down one of the streets. Although that cowboy verified that people ride horses in town, a stereotype I hear much of when I went to school abroad in Ohio, it was great to see and wonder what Victoria was like when roads were first trails and what downtown must have been like when the main building was St. Mary's and the other early structures.

On the way to a friend's house this weekend, my daughter and son received a treat as we drove down Ben Jordan near Stockbauer. She looked to the left and saw a couple of horses in the pasture. Of course it lifted her spirits and recalled the desire that she is to ask for a horse from Santa Claus. Did you hear that Santa? That one is on you!

It is not infrequent to see cows, exotic deer, horses, beautiful fish in aquariums, and even a gorilla around town. What? A gorilla, you might ask. That's right. It has been seen for many years waving at the traffic and often dressed in different outfits. It is a well trained animal and as mentioned obviously hospitable. I am not for sure how long it has been the guard gorilla, but I remember it from my youth. And if I ever needed to find a vacuum cleaner, I am sure I would ask to get a picture with the baboon! I think it was laughing at me one day when I was driving my old minivan. He either saw that my mirror was fastened by screws for a metal roof or had somekind of telekinesis and knew my transmission was going to land me in a corn field! RIP minivan, you were good to us and thanks Grampsie, it kept us safe for a number of years!

What animals have you seen around town? I am not talking about stray dogs and cats. Ok, you can mention the chupacabre if you have seen it!