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With the arrival of the Hooters golf tournament, I find it is a great opportunity to speak to women.

Our apology.

As a man, I am sorry our fallen human male nature has delevoped such an establishment that objectifies girls and women. For the most part, I am all about the market providing for the needs of a society, but this is where the market is not always right.

I know, we often say that we go to Hooters for the wings, drinks, and sports, but let us be honest, if you did not wear the "Hooters Girl" uniform we would never stop in and spend the money. We tell our wives that Hooters is "family" restaurant because their website says it is, but it is just a justification for us to look upon other women without being told we are being unfaithful with our eyes.

It is doubtful any of us husbands would desire to see our wife working for this place because we are supposed to protect them from the types of men that want to treat them as a piece of meat. Also doubtful is the fact that we fathers would want to see our daughters going to work there, because we surely do not want to look at our children the way we look at a Hooters Girl and would find it mighty weird to have our male friends ogle over our wife or daughter's body.

We have abused women too long. We have made them think that they are just a sum of body parts by paying you to wear clothes that do not reveal enough of you! For all you reveal is the physical properties of your person. We have too often forgotten that you are more than body parts, you are a person with a mind, emotion, and unique personality that is never seen when we make a place that only lets you wear clothes that only accentuate certain features.

We have convinced you that you can work at places like this by offering you scholarships for development, but have created a system that you must first sell yourself to the lustful gazes of men. You are really worth more than that and I am sure we can find other places to work that offer scholarships.

We have confused you in regards to expectations. We make it a crime of sexual harassment if we treat you this way in the workplace, but shower you with great tips if you are our waitress.

We have convinced you to try for the Hooters Girl Swimsuit pageant. We were glad that the word "beauty" was left out of the title of the pageant because we wanted to hone in on only one thing about you. We could really careless about what you like to do, your hobbies, dreams, background, or anything else that takes the focus away from your outfit.

Yes, there are many places to find women dressed in less like the movies, TV, other establishments, but places like Hooters has branded themselves as the place to gawk and drool over just your body.

Please accept our apology.