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What is it with children and windows, colors, and paint? I watched my children put up those sticky figures that their grandmother gave to celebrate the 4th of July with and each of them enjoyed the fun. From the oldest, who is 6, to the youngest that is 2.5. They beautified our window that peaks into the backyard with red, white, and blue gel sticky things and wanted to make sure they did a great job.

Our house is now worth more than just about any that I know. It is less than 1500 sq. feet, three bedrooms, two bath, and now has plenty of priceless works of art painted by little Picasso's and Herrad of Landsberg. The paintings are done in water color and the sketches are a mixture of pen, pencil, and crayon. There were some chalk drawings, but they didn't survive the recent rains we have had.

There is just something about human nature that each child has this innate ability to use their imagination and become an artist or poet or creative. I guess with the stresses of life and worries of silly things, we leave behind the imagination as such. We are very fortunate many people have continued to invoke the mind to offer the magical art through theatre, music, writing, and cinema.

My children even enjoy when I try my lame attempt at drawing a dog or cat. When I find their interest has waned from the chicken scratch, I draw what I am best at...a smiley face! At least I get a chuckle when they realize they draw better than daddy.

When I was thinking of the youthful renderings and their attraction to see my vain attempt at drawing, it brought my mind to the first drawing that mankind is aware of. These ancient paintings used a rougher canvass known as a cave. Many pictures were of large animals and strangely even the outlining of a human hand. Although we have associated caveman with being a brute, I have begun to think of him as an artist.

When I learned that there is a trace of a human hand, I look back in my imagination and see a cavefamily with cavemom or dad drawing animals to illustrate a bedtime story. Then, the next morning the cavechildren, trying to imitate caveparent, do that apparently ever ancient and ever present work of art in which you put your hand on a piece of paper, spread out your fingers, and trace your hand.

Maybe, cavepeople were not so different from us afterall.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the family time.