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@Victorianomics. That is not the call sign for truckers, a title for a new book, or a new restaurant. Is it a new bar, economic firm, field of study are UHV or VC? Sorry to disappoint if that is what you hoped. It is the title of my Twitter account. But how important is Twitter for Victoria? Or Facebook? Or Foursquare? Or Flickr? Or MySpace...wait who does that anymore? Or a blog?

Social media is shaping people's thoughts and actions. Either for good or bad, people love to share information with others. It used to be a written letter and then the telephone. Both are still being used, but now add Web 2.0 to the mix and who has the time to keep up with it all?

Social media brings in a whole new evolution of communication. It is no longer a one-to-one communication. Now one person can inform thousands with a click of the mouse.

How does this affect Victoria? Believe it or not, people speak about Victoria on many of these channels. Some of it is good, some of it is funny, some of it negative, some of it is just a mention.

Last week, while doing a search on Twitter for "Victoria, TX" I found one of the guest golfers that competed in the Victoria, TX Open had tweeted about Victoria. He had mentioned that he didn't do so well and then commented that there was not much to do here. In hopes to convince him otherwise, I invited him to both Lu Raq's and Greek Brothers for some live music and drinks. At present, I hadn't heard anything from him. I suppose he left Victoria for his next stop. Although he was not here as a tourist, but for work, I do consider his opinion for he travels the nation week after week and I am sure he has seen many places that are grand and some that are weak. I wanted to have a conversation about what he thought Victoria needs that would have shaped his opinion differently.

I think you can gather that I have positive hopes for Victoria. I see new expansions happening like UHV and the beginning of revitalization of downtown to be wonderful attractions. I look into my crystal ball and see dreams of outdoor tables scattered down the new sidewalks in front of new restaurants with some small string band playing in the Gazebo. I eventually see a small group of artisans setting up a market around the square. I would love a microbrewery or brew pub to find its home here.

Imagine you were the golfer and travelled from city to city each week. What are some attractions that would have made you tweet "Victoria, TX is incredible. I am coming back here to spend more time when I have a chance."? What are some wow factors that would make Victoria different from other places you have been to?

Now that you have some things in mind, what is preventing Victoria from taking off?