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Did you see that flying donkey? Apparently, there was a PR stunt involving a donkey, a boat, and that parachute thing-a-ma-bob. A donkey? A donkey? Why on earth would you choose a donkey? Companies will go to many extremes to capture a few views these days!

Things flying in the sky is not that abnormal to Victoria though. There was the UFO spotting in '73, the UFO crash in '79, the USO off the coast in '86, and flying chupacabras in the mid 90s. This is not common knowledge because it was covered up. I found the files in the basement of courthouse, which is a duplicate of the basement at the Alamo!

Back to cool memories. I think they were early Spring days of my youth in which we were called out of the house. I remember it being cool, brisk, and clear which narrows it down to two months of the year here in Victoria! My brother and I would race to the front yard and gaze into the sky and see myriads of colors just hovering in the distance. One after the other would pass by. These hot air ballons were some of the coolest things a kid could see at that age. We would watch them until they floated out of distance and would wonder how cool it would be to ride in them. I am sure hot air ballons are indeed fun to pilot, but like many hobbies, it also brings joy to watch them as a spectator.

I haven't seen these crafts in a long time in this area. I guess it must have been a group that would choose this area and launch nearby Victoria. I wish they would return because I am sure my children would love to see the sky speckled with ballons carrying people.

On a side note, tomorrow I take my wife to Austin so that she can fly to a wedding. I have reserved a spot at Conjunctured, a co-working establishment. I will write my blog from there and share my experience. It will be my first encounter with a co-working facility. I also have to finish some papers for class, don't worry, it is only four papers this week!