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My wife is safely onboard an airplane from Austin to Indiana. She is in a good friends wedding, a friend we met Ohio. Regardless if you think Texas should be a state or its own country, Ohio is abroad regardless of which state you live in. They have a different language there, who has ever heard of "yu-ins?" "Yu-ins want some coffee with those grits?"

Anyways, I am here in Austin at Conjunctured, a co-working community. Most of the people have some kind of job that allows them to be away from a typcial office. I am sure many could work at a home office, but this type of enviroment provides a place for people, who often work alone, to work together in a trendy atmosphere and good conversation. Picture it like a Starbuck's mixed with a creative enviroment. There is wireless internet for your laptops, nice music steadily playing in the background, phone calls to clients, discussions of places to see in San Antonio, and other current events in the Austin area. By enlarge it seems like a fun way to spend a day at work. My research on a few other co-working places show that many of the workers are programmers, designers, PR professionals, event planners, and freelancers.

The members pay a fee for space that ranges from 24/7 access to day rates. The price also ranges for the type of office used. Most of the people use a common table to work from. It also includes a conference room for meetings if more space is needed. There is also a kitchen and coffee station. In this particular place, dogs are allowed which brings an interesting work enviroment. Common office equipment is provided like a fax machine, internet access, etc. It is a very interesting place to experience. From what I have seen, visitors are welcome to come by and it is free for the day! So if you are ever travelling and need to take care of business, find a co-working place and see if they have space for a day visit. Calling ahead is customary.

BTW, iPhones are not absolutely mandatory, but highly encouraged!!!