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I remember, not long ago, when I was riding the bike throughout the neighborhood and thinking that Taos must be the longest road in the city, of course the neighborhood was my boundary. This was before Belltower and even before "The Store" opened on the corner of Airline and Stockbauer.

In fact, when it first opened, "The Store" was a daily trip in the summer for goodies, treats, and drinks. It was the place to spend my hard earned allowance.

The days of bike riding behind Deleon Elementary was fantastic for exploratory young boys to find bike hills, that trench, and even snakes on occassion.

Galloping across Stockbauer to catch to newest rental from Video Gallery was a weekly occurence in the summer. What a cool business it was! Locally owned and ran, they provided me with my first rental Nintendo system.

There may have been a water shortage in Victoria due to all the days the water hose was on keeping the friends cool and I am pretty sure the city land fill is still decomposing the high numbers of small plastic swimming pools we used.

What a good time my childhood was, I pray that my own children remember Victoria with fond memories.

What great memories do you have of Victoria? What are some of the small things that you found back then and wish your children will find the same?