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Back to the days of Cimarron. In my early teens, we were quite competitive and off season meant that we could create our own games. Sometimes in life, if you cannot reach your goal, you simply have to lower the goal. And that is exactly what we did. We watched Michael Jordan soar through the sky and some bought his shoes. My first pair of Air Jordan's...wait I never had a pair! As my parents taught me, and although I did not recognize the value growing up, somethings are not worth the extra dollars. The Jordan's fit that category. Afterall, those shoes would not help me jump or run faster.

So how did we lower the goal? Well, literally. The goal was 10 foot high and nobody could dunk at that height. Thankfully, the goal could be adjusted. The new height must have been around 8.5 foot tall. This allowed everyone to slam.

I distinctly remember one evening when we initiated the Cimarron Toast of the Coast basketball tourney. Not a bad organized tourney put on by a bunch of youth. That bouncing noise of the ball hitting the pavement went on for hours into the late night. I cannot remember the amount of teams that showed up. It was all friendly but highly competitive. Trash talking and attitude reached Rodman and Barkley proportions. No fighting took place and the games seemed pretty fair for street ball. On the line was something more than prize money and a trophy. Bragging rights was the 1st place award.

I remember Mrs. G's house always had something going on. It could have been tournaments, computer games, or getting ready for the dances. About the only time it was quiet was in the morning til 11am. The whole family slept late. On the other hand, my family rose with the monks. It felt like forever before I could call over and find out what was on the days agenda. Was is going to be bike riding through the area, Civilization, basketball, pranking the neighbors?

Eventually, we would head to Dilley "to make sure the hunting lease was ok" and if we happened to find some rabbits that needed harvesting, well we did the appropriate the thing for the lease. And those rabbits tasted so good!

If I am not mistaken, it was E that was with me when we headed to Dilley one day thinking we would get some gas on the road. When we pulled over in my parents vehicle, we found the gas tank had a lock on it. We did not have a key though. We couldn't turn back, so we made it to Dilley on fumes. We were very fortunate because the ranch hand had a habit of collecting keys. He must have had a box of keys that weighed 20 pounds. Inside this pile of keys we found one that opened the gas tank! Thank God because we had to get to Pacho Garcia's for our traditional carne guisada dinner!

I consider myself pretty fortunate. Many of my close friends have chosen to raise their family here, so we get together pretty often and we get recall those types of events that brought a lot of great memories to our youth.