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I am in my last semester of schooling and one of the classes I have is "Leadership Through Generations." In every class that mentioned leading generations, it often shows up in more than one class, the discussion always entails "What major worldly events in life has shaped you?" Here are a few answers and the whereabouts.

The first tragic events that I remember was when the Spaceship Challenger exploded. I was a second grader and we were primed for the event because there was a teacher onboard and that stuck in every kids' mind. My teachers, Mrs. K and Mrs. S, stopped their lessons so that we could be told about the explosion. I suspect that it was the first time I found that something so incredible, flying into outer space, could have such a horrible end.

Where were you when the Challenger exploded and did it have an effect on your life?

The second world event was the first Gulf War. I cannot remember exactly where I was, but I remember watching the updates of it on Channel 1 every morning before school. Do kids still watch Channel 1 during homeroom? The Gulf War was my first war to live through. I remember that it was different from the movies I had seem that were more patriotic for the U.S. during war time. It was also different from many of the movies by the fact that the reasons for war didn't seem as black and white like fighting Hitler. Most of the war movies I had grown up with were based on fighting the Germans in World War II.

The third major event that sculpted my generation was the falling of the Twin Towers. I remember that day very well. I was teaching at St. Joseph and shortly after school started, we heard the rumors that someone flew into one of the towers. We turned on the classroom TV and were glued to it the rest of the day. In my case, late into the night as well.

In regards to world events, I think these are the main ones that shaped my generation. Did I miss any? What were your generational events that shaped your peers?