If you have ever had a leadership course, one topic that often becomes a lively discussion is "Was Adolf Hitler a leader?" This becomes a heated discussion because he was no doubt in charge, effective, etc. which seems to indicate he led people. However, I think none would argue he was a moral nightmare to say the least. I think it becomes a semantic problem due to the defintion of leadership. Some defintions would include Hitler as a leader and some would not. I have created my own personal definition of leadership and am very interested in thoughts of your definition.

A local blogger has mentioned that it would be a nice article to find "The Best Leader of Victoria." Given my appetite for leadership theories and their practice, I think it would also be a fun experiment. In order to do so, a common definition would have to be created. Definitely not the end all and be all of every leadership theory, but seems to do a decent job in a short and succinct manner is Wikipedia's leadership page. Maybe this could be a starting point for the discussion for a working definition.

I don't want to propose my definition at this point but will add my thoughts in the comments section if dialogue takes off.


What is your definition of leadership? Using this definition of leadership, does Hitler fit as being a leader?