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Who will take the Booty

Tonight, the long awaited night, Friday night lights, 22 will enter and 11 will leave, the beginning of what hopes to be a long tradition of rivals, East meets West (Rocky vs. Drago), Titan vs.Warrior, Warrior vs. Titan, 300 vs. millions , all taking place tonight at the Battle of Memorial Hill, the Victorian Hot Gates, pick your corner and get on your boots, it should be a wild ride!

Here, Bucky, Bucky

Tomorrow, expect the town to the cleared out. Today expect to see trailer after trailer loaded with ATV's, gun bag, camo, ice chests, stinky scents, fake horns to rattle, corn, coats, rounds of ammo all for the start of deer season. Are you calling in sick? There is a bug going around today. It seems the cure is heading to the ranch or deer lease, lighting of the camp fire, and sharing exaggerated stories of past hunts. I have never seen so many adults so enthused by finding poo on the ground as when I am around hunters figuring out where they will begin their season. I guess sometimes you have to read the poop on the ground rather than the writing on the wall. Good luck to the hunters, be safe and don't shoot the deer that will shrink when it hits the ground.

On your mark

Tomorrow is the Hospice of South Texas 10K/5K run. Watch out, my wife is running. This will be her first competition run in about a year due to injuries. Me? I am S.A.G. I never run. Doc says I need to, does chasing the brewsky count? However, I do support and cheer the runners and Hospice does amazing and very difficult work. Thanks to those that support it!

Lunch this week

I had two lunches around town this week. Family Table makes awesome chicken and dumplings on Wednesday's. I always nearly break the two serving limit with this dish. If you haven't tried it, it is well worth it. I know, JV, I am beginning to be converted. Another lunch I had was at Long Leaf for their fried shrimp special yesterday. It is also a very nice and healthy proportioned lunch and the baked potatoe is also nice. I hear the hot chocolate is awesome, so those who make the hot chocolate run should get a raise! Today, don't call me for lunch. I have a lunch date with my daughter at her school. I don't do often enough, but if you have children in elementary school, this seems to always make their day. If you have children in junior high or high school, it may not make their day, but would be fun to see their expression if you showed up with lunch and sat next to them in the cafe.

Random Victoria Fact

As of Dec. 2009, Victoria has a cost of living index of: "78.7 (low, U.S. average is 100)". I wonder if they take into account the cost of caskets, burial grounds, and funeral preparations for this figure.


I voted for...yea right, I am not going to announce it. But I will say, and it may have been more across town, I saw a local candidate at one of the polling stations. I thought it was a very good example of smallness to be present like that. I am sure many candidates were at different stations throughout the county, but it was cool to see him/her personally present. Also, thanks to the League of Women Voters for hosting the elections debate. I watched the county judge debate on youtube and it helped inform my vote, in fact I can say it actually changed my vote.

Area football contenders

Want a complicated playoff scenerio that comes down to tonight? Just ask an Industrial Cobra what it will take to make the playoffs this year. It will make your head spin! Make sure you pull up a chair, it may take an hour to explain it all.

Body work, abs and new paint job

Talk about diversifying products and services, I am just glad no one was injured.

Thanks to this week's comments

joseexist, N45BA, pilot, kash, Hicktoria, KimUnger, rollinstone, mike5011ad, and Rebecca. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Many great comments, some off topic, and always appreciated. Thanks.

Book update

"Small Giants" is a pretty good read so far. The overarching theme is about businesses that decided to stay small rather than go big as fast as they could. The businesses mentioned up to this point all had the chance to sell, go public, etc. but consciously chose to stay small.

Leadership definition search

Will continue next week for a couple days.

Friends and family

Enjoy them.