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Special Agent Oso

While watching a cartoon with my son this morning, I came across a cool little creative way to engage the little ones. The Boy With The Golden Gift/Birthdays Are Forever is the episode. Fun stuff!

Tom Peters

He was knocking career advice out of the park on Twitter this morning! If you are looking for some great free advice, social media is jam packed with good stuff. His Twitter handle is @tom_peters.

Random Victoria County Fact

Martín De León began the Victoria colony with 5,000 cattle which began Victoria's association the moo-moo and her claim to cowchip stardom as "Cradle of the Texas Cattle Industry."

How does a snake go?

The Industrial Cobras won last week, someone else lost, those things added up along with 77 other variables led to them making the playoffs and battle against Blanco which will be competed in Hallettsville.

Leadership Series

Maybe a day or two and will wrap it up. Thanks for the ideas, comments, conversation, dialogue, etc.

"Small Giants"

Frater, memento mori

TGIF everyone. Contemporary business will take great pleasure of the soon to come weekend. It is the end of the work week. A small reminder that death knocks on our door as well. Today's Mass readings remind us of this truth. Are you ready? Is your house in order? Are your bags packed? Death is merely a change of address.

Alanis and Tom Wolfe

What do they have in common? Irony. Here. Here. Here. Here. I don't know what to make of it, but perception says something. It may not be the truth, but perception is important. Some explaining may be in order.

Lunch table and Breakfast

Thanks to La Tejanita for a delicious Seafood Caldo and Don Jose's for great breakfast tacos, where would I be without y'all?

New guard dog

Watchout he is patrolling the backyard. He is very dangerous with his 4 in. long legs. "Sit Sambo." "Oh, he already is; I just couldn't tell."

In national news

Bigger is not always better. Sometimes a little boat, good friends, and some bait is all you need; you might even be able to use Spam for bait. EG, when we going?

In world news from the UK

The old saying says it takes what 8 years to digest a piece of gum? Well try 28 years for a chopstick. If the other saying is true, I guess we could call him Woody.

I have great commentators and readers

Thanks KyleC, Rebecca, Pilot, Hicktoria, Writein, Rollinstone, Justataxpayer, EdithAnn, Joseexist, Victorianbybirth, Mike, Pythagoras. Readers: you know who you are, thanks for stopping by!

Family and Friends

Enjoy them!