Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » A sweetheart deal for the city


First, an apology for too quickly assuming something before more facts come out.

Second, a thank you for investing in the city.

More facts? Yes. There is more to the story with the pumphouse than meets the eye. It turns out a parking lot, built and paid for by owners of the new little turn an eye sore into a new attraction thereby making an investment in the city, beautifying an old building, and making use of an existing building (a form of reuse), has been already planned.

The Pumphouse Riverside Restaurant and Bar owners have planned to build their own parking lot for the restaurant. How much parking are they going to personally provide? I asked the question as well and it turns out it will be as much as they can reasonably build. What I mean is, they are going to build as much as possible for their location. They are not going to build a five story parking lot for the restaurant, nor would I expect them to. From what I understand, the payment for lights is an extra that they are giving, in a sense as a gift. Why would they want to give money for installation of lights? I suspect it is to help with the security of its patrons. This business opportunity, granted, is a little different given the location of the venture.

How is it different? Well, the park is used for many different things and the owners of the restaurant will not be able to say who can and cannot park in their own parking lot. I guess, yes they could hire a security guard during off hours, install a beautiful fence that will surely hide those hideous things called trees, build a box so that they could charge for parking for non patrons during those hours of non operation, and scatter the building with plenty of cameras to catch those that make it through all the other hurdles.

If the owners have done everything in their power to maximize their own parking on their property within reason (like without having to build a highrise parking garage or shuttle bus people from another location) would I expect such rigid regulations that would prevent taking this old building and recreating it? This is a tough question. Perhaps the law was made for man and not man for the law. Meaning, maybe the code needs to be humanized so that a code will not prevent something like this from happening. Does the pumphouse have enough parking for code? I don't know, but from what I have been reminded from these events, I plan on waiting this time for the rest of the story.

I do know one thing, I am grateful that the owners have invested in Victoria, they could have chosen a market elsewhere, but want it here.