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J. Jones

He spoke yesterday at the VEDC annual meeting. I find he is a very good speaker and he reminded me of something. He mentioned that when his co-workers come here to see Victoria and are heading back, they ask when they will be able to return. Sometimes it may take someone on the outside to show us what we take for granted. Thanks Mr. Jones for the reminder. I also enjoy hearing his thoughts and expertise on supply chain management and Six Sigma and look forward to more. Now where is my black belt, or was it green?


The tomato basil soup at Long Leaf was great, my company was even better thanks to my wife joining me! Don Jose's Egg, Bean, Cheese, and Ranchero Sauce is incredible! Lunch with my eldest son was wonderful as well. Sorry, buds, I missed the nearly weekly lunch, I will make it up to y'all, you can buy mine next time!

Random Victoria Fact

Hauschild's Cigar Factory on N. Liberty was built towards the end of the Great Depression. Here is a photo of its cigar box via Linda Wolff. Click here for instruction on smoking cigars. Remember, it is proper etiquette in Britain to remove the label, enjoying the "finest weed in the Shire" is more important than worrying what brand it is.

"Small Giants"

Is well worth the read if you are interested in business books. Another arrival I am reading, "The Rite," will surely put me to sleep easy at night.

Congrats to area playoff victors

The Cobras beat Blanco last week, first time in three years! They travel to Sinton this week to take on Taft.

Marriage Tip

Plan to do something intentionally and special. Large or small, it means a lot. McAdams Floral, a shot note, or a bottle of champagne are just some ideas.

Patron a local establishment

And if you receive good to great service, compliment it. My experience is that nice gestures, like compliments, create change faster than criticism.

Readership tip

From the time I was half my height and a quarter of my weight I was taught: "Look both ways before crossing the street."

Looking forward

Because I know you are dying to know and cannot wait til Monday morning to find out what the next blog topic will be, I will let you on a little secret: tolerance.

A thought to consider for the weekend

Over the anonymity posts this week, it was mentioned that anonymity protects freedom of speech (credit to KyleC for the comment). A question to consider for thought is "Do we have freedom of speech if we have to remain anonymous to speak?" I have no answer, don't look at me, I am just throwing it out there. Over a few beers this weekend, I will toss it out there to my friends.

Thanks for comments

Lots of great discussion this week, I appreciate all of it.

Friends and family

Enjoy them!