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Monastic bells and children's yells

My domestic church's bells rang at 3.30 am for the last two nights! That is when my youngest son was awakened from his sleep. Why not sleep in? Well my other children are set for Lauds at 5.30 am. If having children helps growth in virtue, I cannot wait til this stubborn donkey masters sleep deprived patience!

Don Jose

I know, again. It was delicious; carne guisada, cheese, and ranchero sauce. I think I could drink their ranchero sauce. Move over V8, Ranchero9 may hit the shelves soon! I wonder what it would be like with Vodka?

Seth Godin

He offered a really cool post this morning if you missed it. Here is a link to his blog. He also offers talks you can find on iTunes, I highly recommend his stuff. What I often do is download his talks during a down time that way I have them ready when I am driving. Just be careful, he is dangerous. As ideas pop into your head, remember you are driving.

My eldest

He is being recruited by a Cubs Scout, the character building organization for kids, not the Chicago Cubs. Andre Dawson, remember him? Memories down card collecting avenue.

Random Victoria Fact

Victoria had a toll bridge that was built in 1851, it was her first one. On a related note, the previous blog post carried as interesting and thought provoking conversation on tollerance.

Dancing with the Stars is followed by Skating with the Stars

Really? Really? One more time. Really?

Update on Special Agent Oso

After Lauds (as above), Special Agent Oso was on. Man I really want to grow my own garden! I started collecting raw veggies pieces for the compost. First step in the garden process. My soil is sandy and filled with gophers, but I am a stubborn donkey! Speaking of donkeys, did you know there is a Christmas song about Dominik the Donkey? Apparently, he has to help Santa in the hills of Italy because the reindeer can't climb those hills. Why don't they just fly up? You got me, but Dominik the Donkey must be some sweet cat because he doesn't kick apparently.

“The Rite”

Has taken me away from “Small Giants” for a few days. It is a very interesting read on excorcism and training new excorists. The reporter followed a Father Gary around as he studied in Rome. I called a priest friend of mine that I went to school with in Ohio and asked if he met him while he studied in Rome. Fr. K said Father Gary is a pretty incredible man. I find the book to be one of the better ones written on the subject.

Cobras win

And they are playing Rice Consolidated, for the second time this season. The weather will be different I am sure. How can I be so sure? It is being played in the Alamodome.

Thanksgiving Day

Enjoy it and be grateful for the good things in life!