Somethings in life are so interesting. Just when you thought you figured out all there is in this world, you find another stone you haven't turned over yet.

Thank God for creating such a wonder as the human mind. We don't only get to learn things of this present time but also from the "democracy of the dead," those that have gone before us.

One of the interesting things I recently learned is something about dogs. Almost all dogs by nature have four toes on each of their back paws. One breed stands to differ, the Norwegian Lundehund has six on each. Our polydactyl wiener dog also differentiates himself from the rest of his breed by having a 5th toe on one of his back feet. The creature cannot use this appendage, it just kinda hangs on the side of his foot.

I doubt the uncertified hunting and tracking teckel really knows the meaning of irony, though he is very ironic. This morning, as I was getting my son's lunch ready, I tossed him a hot dog wiener to munch on as I sat there and pondered the situation.

This bassotto prefers human food which has cut down on trash to some degree I am sure. Although the breed is not known for dancing, this one is supposed to shake a leg when we bring home leftovers. Although Mencken wrote the history of the bathtub as a hoax that had often been taken as fact, I am sure that he really meant the worshond is "a half-dog high and a dog-and-a-half long ....".

Although this yarrak is short, squatty, extra-toed, can't jump, and not exactly the most scary of canines I do find myself proud to be in the ranks of Elwyn Brooks White and Pablo Picasso who both owned a sausage dog!