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Breaking news

Why is some news “breaking”? Is it because it will shatter the other news? Or because everytime something happens it is given this title and soon breaks my heart to read that something arbitrary has taken place and has been labeled as important. This is closer to the feeling I get when I read the push notifications from my Fox News app. Half of the time it seems they are not worth the title of “breaking” which means it is crying wolf which then has me treating the updates as email spam. Occasionally, I will get a prompt that is worthy, but send me a message that says “Breaking News: Donald Trump says...” because I will hardly read it.

In other news...

“Ducks at Riverside Park pond are hungry and feeling the effects of the crows stealing all the food scattered for the web feet ones. Old Spotty has resided at the pond for a couple of years now and could only muster the word ‘Aflac.’ His daughter is convinced he watches too much TV and has an unhealthy attachment to his favorite duck actor. ‘All he needs to do is get off his tail and gather some of the crumbs.’”

Beat on the street

FYI for all you or your friends that have operator experience with bulldozers and graders, I heard through industry news that the subcontractor of sitework for the Caterpillar plant project is hiring local people. Polish off the resume and put on a good face and get to move some dirt.

“It is not a race.”

This was my advice as my oldest son came home to tell me about his latest accomplishment with his AR reading. I stood next to him and explained that reading is something to enjoy and not some kind of competition. If reading were left to only the fastest, I would have been escorted elsewhere. I think it has something to with my mind occasionally moving letters around on a page, but regardless it takes me more time to read something than the average person. Sometimes it seems like my eyes are just programmed to move slow. That doesn’t mean I stop reading, it means it takes me a little longer. My experience with education is hard work and determination makes for great pupils.

The tooth fairy...again

My daughter lost her second tooth last night. When I was young, my first few teeth were pulled out by someone other than myself. 3 of last 4 teeth that my children have lost have basically fallen out with very little work. The tooth fairy came while she was sleeping. She didn’t see the fairy, but the dog did.

Air show this weekend

Anybody taking their kids? I think we will. If I could only find a boy scout unifrom, I might be able to get in free!

Climbing the corporate ladder?

I say skip the ladder and aim for the elevator. Where is the elevator? These it is in many places. YouTube videos explaining Excel tricks, Slideshare presentations on social media, Electronic books by the experts in your field, classrooms at the university, training programs on management, leadership, and development, podcasts interviewing the masters, neat educational apps, books, etc. all help you find the way to the elevator. Not worth it? It is to others.


That is my son’s baseball team record. Don’t worry they have a lot of fun. He got a hit and an RBI last game. He has contributed roughly 25% of RBIs on the season.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.