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It was announced a couple weeks ago already that the Victoria Regional Airport was inviting comments from Victorians regarding the best choice of two to service Victoria flights. Here are my thoughts and experiences and perhaps a wonderful testimony of what can be accomplished.

Where the heck is the first lesson? Well I retrofitted a prior blog post to be the first regarding the excellent presentation skills with the appropriate use of power point. So this will be the second and as I consider more perhaps I will offer more thoughts.

I have been following the couple of stories presented by the Advocate regarding the airport and have noticed a very different feel for the conversations. For the vast majority, the conversation has been congenial, thoughtful, experience based, and knowledge forming. Some offered their desires for a certain carrier. Some asked good questions. Some answered based on experience and knowledge of the industry.

I think a lot of this good dialogue is the result of open communication by the willingness of the decision maker(s) to invite Victorians to offer their suggestions. What might be learned from this experience? I think one lesson learned is that listening to comments from Victorians promotes shared ownership of the results. We have a very competent airport manager that relayed the positives and negatives of either carrier and then opened lines of communication for the community members to present their desire. This action is highly commendable for all the parties involved including the people with the airport and the Victorians that voiced their decision.

On a personal experience with the airport, I have also been impressed here recently. If you asked a little boy and little princess to wear a boy scout and Daisy uniform you can pretty much get them to behave and get excited for an event whether that is a fun and educational thing or service oriented experience. I will have to remember that next time I want them to clean their room.

This past weekend was an airplane show at the airport. All kinds of different planes were present. My personal favorite was the KC-135 Stratotanker that was parked for visitors to see and tour. It is just something incredible to imagine two planes connected in the sky, both flying fast, and connected by a pipe. Here is picture of the plane with our children being goofy in front.


Boy scouts and princess scouts were encouraged to visit the show and were free if in uniform. Our children walked up to various planes with curiosity and excitement. They asked a number of pilots good questions. The pilots were all very generous with their time and explanations. After spending about an hour touring the planes, our family was ready for a cold refreshment and lunch. With much gratitude, the air show included vendors that sold different lunching treats. I finally was able to try the brisket and sausage from the vendor that is also on the corner of John Stockbauer and Business 59, by the way, the brisket sandwich was delicious.

As we sat for an airport grounds picnic, our smallest and now future priest/firefighter/pilot/paratrooper/airport emergency operator/volunteer Coast Guard Cessna operator saw a friend of his which also made his noon. How much more fun can a three year old have than playing with a friend on the tarmac with different planes landing, taking off, and available for sightseeing? It was like childhood paradise for him!