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Small businesses face some disadvantages when competing with big business. One of the more valuable reasons big business has the upper hand is access to information. Times are changing though. As technology and innovation increase, the small business is becoming more and more at an equal playing field. Big Music now has to compete with iTunes. It no longer takes the expensive production that created such a difficult barrier for entrance. Big Newspaper now must compete with the thousands of blogs, tweets, vlogs, podcasts, etc. that can react faster to headline news. “Big Content” is always on the move to quell the latest tech and now with the access to the many different forms of video, it is encountering the same micro-monster that the Big Music industry ran into a few years ago.

How does this relate to leadership? Well, many of the large corporations spend tons of money training and developing their next generation of managers and leaders. The prospects go through the pipeline and prepare many of the upper level positions. Many small businesses may not be to compete in this type of training. However, a small business manager, leader, and/or owner now have a plethora of tools in the box that are becoming easier to access and lower in cost. One way to harness this is using the PDD to download applications that give you the information in the palm(s) of your hand(s). Many of these applications’ information can be found elsewhere like their internet site, youtube, etc. but these apps put them in one place which gives ease of access.

So here are three that I have found helpful in the recent past:

HBR Today: I have been really enjoying this app. It has blogs, videos, and podcasts. Just recently I listened to an interview with Warren Bennis. The podcasts are about 15 minutes, which is perfect for travelling through Victoria!

How2Lead: created by The Ken Blanchard companies. Lots of good stuff in articles, blogs, and linked to the youtube channel.

strategy+business: basically gives you the magazine in digital format. It is a little cumbersome to use.

Have you found any apps that have helped you develop? What are some of the best that you recommend?