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My wife and I travelled to Dallas this past weekend. She competes in races and they had one, so off on the six hour trip we went. I remember some advice a received around last Thanksgiving regarding going to Dallas. The person said to go the Austin route and we did. It was a much more relaxing drive then taking 77N. Tipping my hat in gratitude for the recommendation.

Approaching Big-ville, I turned to my right to make a pit stop and there he was. He was singing loud and proud into a mic for all to listen. He is not dead; he performs just outside of Waxahachie, TX. It was Elvis just sitting there giving a performance for any who wanted to listen. I never heard Elvis sing before, but I imagine his live performances were much better when he was younger. I don’t think age has treated him well either, I think he gained a few pounds since going underground.

As if sighting Elvis were not strange enough, we also observed igloo shaped storage structures and painted to imitate a caterpillar, the worm not the company that produces the high quality machines. You know how much I suggest differentiation in regards to marketing strategy, but there are limits. I now have evidence that E.T.’s like the King and must survive on consuming caterpillars. Waxahachie seems to do a better job attracting the bizarre than “Keep Austin Weird.”

I was fortunate enough to get a shot of the UFO before it was called upon for another galactic mission on a different planet. Here is my non-doctored, non-photoshopped, as is evidence:


It is looking to be a week of weird. One of my favorite shows to watch is “Bones” and this week’s episode is supposed to feature another unsolved mystery that may draw attention closer to home. Apparently, a mythbuster dies and a pet psychic played by Jo Anne Worley of “Laugh-In” fame will make a guest appearance. The Chup will be part of the show!

This might be the week to do something fun like create a youtube video of a band of brothers on the prowl to capture footage of the chupacabra outside the city limits. Carpe diem.