Blogs » J.Q. Tomanek of Victoria » Buy, sell, and trade: Mall vs. Market square


After reading the article regarding the Victoria Mall and suggestions from viewers and readers on what they would like to see there I began to think about what I would like to see. I have to admit, I get very drawn into Medieval movies of knights and dames and castles and swords. So I suggest something a little different. I don’t get the same feelings of market place in the Mall as I do when I have been to antique shows growing up, festivals, and other forms of markets. In both, people come together to buy and sell goods, but there is something different. It is different like when you go to a farmer’s market and talk with Farmer Joe about his tomatoes or to a festival and speak with Sewing Sally about her handmade quilt. The knowledge that these are the crafters and producers of the products I am buying satisfies many desires including quality and shopping local.

Don’t get me wrong, I have shopped at malls and they provide a valuable service. For example, merchants provide goods that I cannot get here locally. I appreciate those things very much.

What I would rather see is a couple of weekends or every weekend or a few months of weeks that are centered on Victoria Market Days. Yes, I know the park has these days, but I am talking about a huge thing in the downtown area with vendors opening their shops, other vendors setting up outside booths, and marketing to area communities. Heck, bring out the giant party jumping things and offer services for kids. There could be craft stations to learn how to built DIY projects and you could purchase the needed supplies on site. Sausage on a stick, turkey legs, kolaches, etc. might be seen everywhere. The downtown eateries could offer outdoor seating for patrons. Mr. Moeller could setup a barber chair. Skits of the city's founding could parade from block to block. Finish off each weekend with a different event like a street dance, beer brewing contest, brisket cook-off, outdoor theatre, or concert. I think would spur many things in Victoria including community involvement, support for local vendors, solidarity with residents, and something to talk about in town and among visitors that look forward to the occasion.

Just some thoughts, did I miss anything that you would like to see?