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“Bones” and the chupacabra

So I was able to watch “Bones” last night. In the episode, a chupacabra killed a man and the FBI investigated the case. The show was so unrealistic. Everybody knows that chupacabras don’t live Virginia! Looks like I will be heading to the woods to show where the chupacabras really live. Here is some evidence found on youtube:

and here:

Love has everything to do it

“A Crazy Day with Cobras” was completed this morning. Well, all of it save the final chapter on factual Taj Mahal information. The last chapter of the story ends with an explanation of the cause of many of the events of the book. According to Annie, everything that happened was chosen due to love. The kids loved a friend which got them to go on a trip looking for emerald rose. The elephant loved her baby and so carried them to a destination. The Great Mogul loved his wife and so built the Taj Mahal in her memory. It is amazing how a child’s book gets it so right.

Economics principles derived from “A Crazy Day with Cobras”

The story’s conclusion nails the truth of homo economicus. Adam Smith lacked this in his “Wealth of Nations.” His notion was that man acted on sentiments (read: passions) and so was controlled by them by seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. However, Jack and Annie are closer to the truth. Man acts on love. This is not something novel, St. Augustine wrote about it 1500 years ago. Man will either act on love of others over self and present gifts to loved ones and will trade with his neighbor so that both will benefit or man will love himself above others, treating himself as master over all and thereby commit crimes.

Teacher appreciation

Recently, the Advocate ran two stories on two teachers from my alma mater, St. Joseph High School. Having been taught by one and worked with both, they are fantastic examples of great teachers. Who would you recognize as some of the best teachers you have had?

Family and Friends

Enjoy them!