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This past weekend, my wife and I made our way to Lost Cajun out by Coleto Creek. My first experiences with Lost Cajun were when I was sixteen I think. It was either that birthday or my 21st. Perhaps both. But I remember going there on special occasions.

Coastal Bend played live. I don’t know many things in life that beat friendship, live music, beautiful weather, and crawfish! They were quite tasty. They had plenty of spice, but not so much that they were not pleasant. At the end of the eating, there were large mounds of heads and pinchers on the table. The atmosphere really did "ease 'my' worry mind." Included in the entertainment was a band member's son singing "Wild Thing" with his brother playing the drums. The little guy a pretty good job and received a standing ovation from those present.

Being out by Coleto reminded me of the days we would go out there for parties, fishing, skiing, or playing volleyball. I will have to make a trip there this summer with my children and grill some hotdogs and kiolbasa. What plans are you making for your family this summer?