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This morning I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and reading while it was still quiet. I typically end the day reading (unfortunately with the TV on) and begin the day reading. Often in the night, I find myself catching my book as it falls out of my hands because I had dosed off.

My wife and I are partners in a small business. Our business has all the typical functions of large businesses like supply chain management, budgeting, finance, production, labor, and all the other thousand and one things in common.

Our business is unique to us but a shared experience of many. Of course I am speaking of home economics. I am far from perfect at mastering the art of the home economy, but I do try my hand at it directly and indirectly almost every day. Some of my reading interests rest in sustainability. Whether it is sustaining the environment, life in general, marriage and family, or business etc., I seem to enjoy this angle in reading.

Stay tuned in the near future, I am thinking of applying a similar idea to the convention center/hotel that is being studied by the city. Before I post though, I want to solidify my thoughts some more.