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It is hiding. Kept in a safe place. Actually it is in a safe, a big safe. We normally call it a vault, like in the bank.

The mysterious 100K dollars that was set aside, well, is set aside. It is there, not having been touched. So how did the VEDC pay for the lobbyist? Simple. It didn’t.

How did the VEDC pay for the TAMU-V website? Simple. It didn’t.

How much of the 100K dollars is left? Simple. All.

As to date, the only pockets that have been lined is the 100K dollar's. How so? Well since it is still in the vault, that money is collecting interest.

This is what I learned today at the partnership meeting for the VEDC. We were presented an update of the current events regarding the possible switch of Victoria’s university system. I say “Victoria” quite intentionally because this university is ours. Yours and mine. Our taxes are collected to support a university system. UHV is ours. UHV has done a wonderful job and all people are grateful for her.

The growth of Victoria university is nothing other than a community coming together to offer higher education to more people. The dichonomy between those for and against UHV is a farse, made up, make believe. The change of university sponsors really has little to do with UHV, but more to do with UHS. So what is the next move?

A meeting of minds. In a change of events proposed by Mr. Branch, a once every so often occurrence is going to take place. It is hardly ever done, and I think it is an appropriate response. When the parties involved meet in June (probably), the cards will be laid on the table. We, Victorians, will hear what those involved have planned for Victoria’s future. What is the plan for UHS in Victoria? What will a potential TAMU-V bring to our community? Who will win in all this? That seems to be another simple answer. Victoria. Why?

Victoria will win because we shall officially hear plans pertaining to our community’s higher education. As a community, I think it is a common goal that we all share. We want to better our community. A piece of Victoria is higher education. As my studies have shown, the ROI on human capital is still larger than investment in tangible goods and services. I don’t know about you, but I am eager to hear what will be offered in late June.