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Subscribe is just business."

This saying comes from the Gospel of Big Business. Many believe it to be true until it affects them, well, personally.

Over the weekend, I was on the road with a friend and we discussed this topic. We agreed that it is one of those lies we are told to accept. When the little guy is being treaded upon, the big guy says, “Oh it is nothing personal, just business,” which is a nicer way of saying, “I understand this hurts you, but you are not as important as another cause I have.” Perhaps this is because we live in a specialized society, we have forgotten how to re-tool and transfer our knowledge and skills. We are not really concerned with economic development, rather we are concerned with profit. Profit means “financial gain” and comes from a Latin word that means “to advance or profit.” Is it always good for business advancement? Is profit maximization the end all and be all of the economy? Surely not, for if this was the case, slavery would be extremely valuable to a business. Also, an increase in profits does not mean necessarily a better managed household. What the heck does a better managed household have with economic development? Well, in short everything.

Economic development points to the home. “Economic” comes from the Greek “oikonomia” which is a word combo of “oikos” meaning “house” and “nemein” meaning “to manage.” There is something that every home has. In fact, if this is absent, then surely it is not a home. Every home has people that live in it. And these, typically anyway, are not just some random combination of people. These people that live in the oikos are families. So it would seem that a society with economic development ought to have stronger families and family life. Is this the case for our status quo here in America? Are there places that may have better household management that we?