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As recently reported, I just want to thank the teachers, staff, and parents at Vickers Elementary for their work with our children. Vickers was one of only a few schools to receive a high score of exemplary for its TAKS rating.

One of the most impressive actions I observed took place outside the school building. As a former teacher, I know how difficult it is to attend athletic events even when it is your school competing. Teachers are rather busy. I still hold that teachers shove 12 months of work into 8-9 months of the year. It is similar to a service like feeding the hungry, being a missionary, or owning a business because a teacher can always be involved in the profession even outside of the school building.

Back to my story. So we were at the ball fields watching my oldest play a Little League game and up walks his teacher Mr. Bell. As a parent, it really means a lot to see a teacher go see his students participate in events like this. These were events that took place across town from work, after hours, and outside a school function. This is that type of quality that makes Mr. Bell indispensable as a teacher. He doesn’t get paid extra to attend, except for that huge bonus of seeing one of your students brighten up after a loss because you are present. I cannot draw causation from this, but I am willing bet it helps those mandated test scores.

I am not a fan of testing as it is and definitely not a fan of some centralized guy in a bureaucracy 100 or 1000 miles away deciding what kids in Victoria, Texas need to be taught. But from this parent, I congratulate Vickers on a job well done.