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The no-hitter

Of course baseball is great, but the no-hitter refers to my Friday posts that get the least hits typically. What would you like to see instead on the “short notes” format or is there a certain theme you would like to read about?

Think social media is not for business?

You may want to re-consider this. Take a look at a screen shot of my facebook page.Splashway Waterpark in little bitty Sheridan, Texas has a very involved customer base. Check the number of "Like's" and comments (seen below) that were volunteered by their sneezers within 3 hours. I would be willing to bet that each of those spread the word how much they like Splashway to their friends and family. Don’t think this means more to the bottom line?


One of my favorites

Researched and well written, one of my favorite local Advocate writers is Meredith Byrd. As I wait for my Friday taco breakfast, I check her article for sustainable practices. So much of sustainability is good common sense. I have also noticed in the human mind through art, especially literature and the motion picture, that the human person is most maltreated by the bad guys who always seem to be very mechanized. Case in point, “Conan the Barbarian,” yes, I admit it, I watched it last night on TV. Another case, compare Frodo and “the man of skill” Saruman. Rather than mechanize everything, perhaps “appropriate technology” should be our pursuit. Maximization of technology goes the route of maximization of profits (profit-at-all-cost) and the maximization of collectivism, it depersonalizes the person.

Smith and Marx

Much of today’s economics is based on a prejudgment of the human person. For Smith and Marx, each come from the same religion of liberalism. Both would claim to be inspired by the Enlightenment thinking. I would consider both thin kings though both would try to rid the world of thrones and instead just place themselves in that golden seat. You can take out this king, but you still have to worship somebody or something. Economics is not a hard science, it is not physics or chemistry. I am looking forward to comprehending the difference of acting man vs. reacting man and other ideas in Heinrich Pesch’s economic theory of solidarism. Unlike the liberal fundamentalists Smith and Marx, Pesch starts his thinking with the notion that man is a rational animal and person, not just some individual forced by invisible hands or some individual forced by visible proletariat of the invisible class struggle that begins its equality with divisible families. Economics is for man, not man for economics.

A father’s pride

Last night, my parents took my family and my brother’s family out to eat. I knew that my oldest son could read, but it is so cool seeing him able to order for himself off the menu. My parents chose Baytown Seafood for the dining and it was very good.

Getting physical

With not smoking, I also started working out. I also have changed my eating habits to follow something similar to Body for Life. “How is it going?” Did I mention my wife’s birthday this week and Baytown last night? Like striving for sainthood, dieting is about getting back up when you get knocked down.

Friends and Family

Enjoy them.