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As the markets tumbled a few years ago, there was a comment made by our Big Brother about his Big Sister. I cannot tell for sure, but I suspect the relationship is either incestuous or back scratching. They have other names, one has called them Hudge and Gudge.

“But you are missing the Big Picture, Jared.” Of course I am, and most intentionally because I am concerned with the small picture, like the one on my desk or in my iPhone. Sometimes, we miss for the trees for the forest as much as we miss the forest for the trees.

Don’t look to K Street or Wall Street, rather look to Main Street. Big Government feeds on power and needs to consummate itself to Big Business to continue its life. They both try its best to control man by either money or sex. Isn’t it interesting how both offer the common man sex to get their way? Big G says, “Go do whatever you like and here take this with you, your neighbor is paying for your safety from disease. Don’t worry that it has a fail rate, we also provide end of life care to have compassion on your suffering and pre-birth care so that you are not burdened with the other disease of a child.” Big B says, “Hey consumer, see this busty blue eyed blonde that we photoshopped, well we want you to think that buying this shaving cream will help you get to use this computerized image.” And worse yet, in their union, they offer a common mixture of both. Products that are deemed legal by Hudge so that Gudge can market them which profits go back to Hudge and so the cycle repeats itself.