In charge

I work for a small company and so I wear many hats and, no, not White hat or Black or Red Hat. So, I was in charge of the gifts for our company Christmas party. Maybe sometime I will let you know how a Chinese Christmas gift giving goes over with mainly a group tough grit guys.

Go loco

I am spreading the word of “The Garden Fly” and people are getting interested. Locally grown, locally marketed, local consumers. If you know the owners, let them know I blogged about them. I would love to interview them for the blog one day. I like their business model for it mixes local, agriculture, tech, and entrepreneurial.

As you progress from local veggies to your own urban backyard or frontyard garden

You will need to this tool for weeding, cultivating, planting, and trenching. The inventor is also a local and also mixes the above qualities. If you know him or her, let him or her know as well. An interview would be a good blog topic.

Don’t forget to root for your local celebrity

Sage Boysen is a local actor gone national. I heard about him yesterday from a local architect and lead singer as we spoke about the small world theory. Here he is in this Sports Authority commercial. He is the lead boy.

Friends and family

Enjoy them.