Minus the bag. That is one of the things I miss about a Trini Christmas. The season is less than two weeks away, so it is time to start buying the ingredients, collecting the recipes, and planning those refreshments for the 12 days celebration.

Christmas season is a huge celebration in Trinidad. A visitor will not miss that white liquid being shaken that consists of eggs, evaporated milk, rum, bitters, vanilla, lime juice, and nutmeg. Don’t forget the rum or the rum and remember to get the rum. In my culture, maybe the same as yours, eggnog had whiskey. Grampsie made delicious Eggnog, ice cream, and whiskey combination.

Try Punch de Crème for a Caribbean Christmas change and if you start seeing an imaginary Santa in a speedo you have tilted the bottle too much. Here is a link for the recipe. Enjoy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_Kitchener_(calypsonian)reminding his listeners to “Drink the Rum.”