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Christmas cookies

Holy cow. Running is hard when your snacks consist of those delicious Cimarron Express baked goodies and homemade sweets. It seems like taking two cookies forward and one run back.

Gold’s Gym strategy

One way to keep a person working hard on sculpting their body is to allow a weight scale in the facility to gauge how much is being lost. Apparently Gold’s Gym realizes the season of Advent and Christmas increases people’s weight and so they remove them so as to not get your hopes dashed.

Remember that “pre-emptive” strike?

A preemptive strike is pretty immoral considering legitimate warfare is for defense only. And so, I am not very surprised that this war is not going so well after so many years. Here is an article from Pat Buchanan asking a good question, “Was the Mission Accomplished?”

More debates

Ok, I am reaching saturation point. Last night, I was catching my head from falling off the pillow because they are getting so boring. “After this break we will ask a question that has yet to be asked in any other debate. ‘Do you match your socks to your belt and if you were to have a Christmas party at your office but had to choose one candidate not to invite, who would it be?’” Ok, so being a little facetious. I can say one thing; I still give credit to Ron Paul. He seems to be the candidate with the least likely tendency to have a deer in headlights look when asked a question. He is simply being Ron Paul, take it or leave it, here I am, nothing to hide, no sugar coat, taken straight. Have you noticed that?

What do you have for lunch?

We were out of town last weekend and missed our weekly grocery trip. Our week has been packed with a Cub Scout party, CCD, teacher gift making, etc. We have yet to go to the grocer. Considering we are keeping our budget lean which means very little extra spending on non-essentials for meals and drinks, our house is getting pretty slim pickings. I am staring at my lunch and imagining how good this tuna and some kind of small bread is going to taste. Yum.

On a related note: add water

Frugality. Give some ideas below. See that soap container that looks empty? Add some water and get more out it. How about that leftover chicken you baked? Add some water, season, vegetables and make some soup. Is it chilly inside? Cook a breakfast on the stove. Are you starving? Eat a little and wait and drink some water before and after.

Friends and family

Enjoy them.