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…that you could start to serve. Trust me, differentiation and a wow factor are memorable. Everybody is going to ham on Sunday; ever hear around the Christmas table, “Yea, remember that ham three years ago?” Nope. Neither have I.

In fact, even something different but bad gets remembered. Perhaps it is time for that dish that dare not be mentioned. Here are some different things to try if you are the keeper of the apron keys. Try this lineup of cheaper but highly nutritious choice meats. Just think, everyone could leave the meal and even name the meal after you, “Remember the Kyle’s Toothsome Trim dish,” “BSspotter’s Tail,” “Radiobabe’s Savory Spleen,” “Gratifying Fried Goat Convoluted Grey Matter” that JPuente brought, “Edith Ann’s Sapid Chicken Feet Soup,” “Delectable Derriere of Hali” by DaleZuck, or “Ambrosial Tendonly Broth Soup” created by Tophat. Now any of those would be conversation starter and all would be remembered.

I doubt I will have any of these because I am not the said keeper of the apron, but I would be willing to try. If you have had any of these, what are your favorites? What else have you had that is unique?